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NL Health Services Supply Chain Department

The Supply Chain Department is responsible for the contracting, purchasing, inventory and distribution of all supplies and services for the provincial health authority. Our Supply Chain Department consists of four divisions:

  1. Purchase Operations
  2. Sourcing and Contracts
  3. Inventory, Logistics, Transportation and Technology
  4. Vendor Management

Doing Business with Provincial Health Supply Chain

In accordance with the Public Procurement Act (PPA), all commodities being sourced and undergoing contract: creation, renewal, extension, or termination have been delegated to the Supply Chain Department.

The commodities will continue to be ordered by the provincial health authority under the contract terms established. Our open call opportunities are posted to our MERX site.

Vendors looking to access and respond to our Open Call opportunities can visit our MERX site to log-in or register for site access. Please note: Registration to view and respond to our Open Calls is free of charge. On the registration page, select the “Pay As You Go – Free” option and proceed to complete the registration.

To view information about the MERX platform and its features, please visit to watch online tutorials.

If you have any questions regarding our sourcing activities, please email

Vendor Management Division

If you would like to be a part of our vendor distribution list please email with the email addresses you would like included.

This distribution list will be used to share information and updates regarding our Supply Chain Department. Please note that individual open call opportunities will not be disseminated from this email account.

Vendor Performance Management

The Vendor Management team has developed a Vendor Performance Management program and the most recent version of its Vendor Performance Management Framework  is available here. This program will continue to develop and evolve over time and updates will be posted to this site.

Compliments and Complaints Handling

Our Vendor Management division has established a Compliments and Complaints Handling Guide for the management of compliments and complaints. This guide sets out guiding principles and practical advice for our internal and external stakeholders, and aims to encourage all stakeholders to consider the value and opportunity created when feedback is shared.

Standard Privacy Clause

As a potential vendor/contractor of the provincial health authority of Newfoundland and Labrador you are collectively bound and obligated to adhere to the provisions of the Newfoundland and Labrador Personal Health Information Act; the Access to Information and Protection of Privacy Act; and all other relevant statutes and regulations. Further, all personal/personal health/and business information obtained through affiliation with the provincial health authority and its open call processes are confidential and must be secure from unauthorized access, use, modification, disclosure and/or disposal in any manner, at any time, in accordance with provincial health authority’s policies and procedures regarding same. As a service provider to the provincial health authority, you are collectively accountable under the legislation and bound by an Oath/Affirmation of Confidentiality to maintain the privacy and security of all information obtained through affiliation with the provincial health authority.