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MyHealthNL Personal Health Records: Your Health Information at Your Fingertips  

Posted: January 26, 2024

Technology is changing the face of health-care delivery in Newfoundland and Labrador in many positive ways. 

Starting on February 1, 2024, a new online service, the MyHealthNL: Personal Health Record (PHR), will begin rolling out across the province starting with a group of 5,000 residents. Through the PHR, patients and families will be able to securely access their laboratory results, X-ray reports and more via the MyHealthNL portal. 

Over the coming months, more and more people will gain access, until all residents of Newfoundland and Labrador will be eligible to view their personal health record (PHR) online. 

“Newfoundland and Labrador (NL) Health Services is committed to transforming the health-care system to one that is modern and accessible,” said Stephen Greene, vice president responsible for Digital Health and Chief Information Officer at NL Health Services. “Providing secure digital access to personal health information is a key step in that transformation and also empowers patients and families to become active participants in their own health.” 

Having secure access to personal health records online can help patients and families monitor medications, better manage chronic conditions, have consistent access to accurate information, have more informed discussions with health-care providers and can save time and transportation costs travelling to a health provider visit. 

In addition, individuals can easily and securely share their personal health record with family or trusted caregivers, so those in the circle of care can support the patient through their health journey. 

To learn more about the MyHealthNL portal, please visit the NL Health Services website. 

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