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Privacy Statement

Newfoundland and Labrador Health Services (NL Health Services) is committed to protecting the privacy of individuals in accordance with the Access to Information and Protection of Privacy Act, 2015 (ATIPPA) and the Personal Health Information Act (PHIA), collectively referred to as the Legislation. We will not collect, use, or disclose your personal or personal health information unless permitted by Legislation.

NL Health Services will not request or store your personal or personal health information except as set out in the Legislation, and your information will only be used by authorized individuals to fulfil the purpose for which it was collected. Such collection, use, and disclosure of your information may be required for validating identification, the provision of healthcare, meeting your healthcare needs, planning and managing health services, or as otherwise reasonably necessary and permitted by Legislation. Information may also be shared as set out in the Legislation for statistical or research purposes.

What is Personal Information?
Personal Information means recorded information about an individual, including those examples outlined in ATIPPA.

What is Personal Health Information?
Personal Health Information means identifying information in oral or recorded form about an individual that relates to their healthcare, examples of which are outlined in PHIA.

Your Rights Regarding Your Own Personal Health Information 
All patients have the right:

  • to know what information we have about you in our records.
  • to review and obtain a copy of your records.
  • to know who has accessed your records and for what reason.
  • to correct errors or add information to your record.
  • to ask about our information policies and talk to us about them.

All public bodies are required to protect personal and personal health information as set out in the legislation by applying security controls to protect against such risks of unauthorized access, use, or disposal of personal information or personal health information. Security measures are integrated into all aspects of providing digital health services as part of our ongoing commitment to protecting your personal information and personal health information. Should a breach of your personal information or personal health information occur, we will contact you in accordance with applicable legislation.

We take our responsibility and duty to protect the privacy and security of your information very seriously. If you have any questions, concerns, or require further information, please contact our privacy department at

If you are not able to resolve your privacy concerns directly with NL Health Services and wish to make a complaint, you may contact the Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner at 709-729-6309; Toll-free: 1-877-729-6309; or visit